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Sunday Stationsby gavin on Sun, 03/06/2011 - 15:36.

Here's our workout from this morning.  The first set of stations is something we started about 4 months ago.  It's a good power set but also great for technique on the 3:00 swim with cord.  I really like it because it forces me to think about rotation, catch, pull pattern and finish while working endurance and getting the heart rate up.  As for this weight belt set, we came up with it few years ago.  Haven't done it in a while.  We used to do it once a week!  Maybe, we'll work it back into the mix... it's another tough one! 


3:00 Stations

3x (choice kick with DragSox™

     4x 50 pull with DragSox™ and fins @ :45

     3:00 swim with cord)


4x (:30 vertical kick with 10lb weight belt

     5 pullouts

     12.5 sprint)



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I can't believe you missed

I can't believe you missed one... yep, good excuse... guess we'll have something special in store for next time! :)

aww man sounds like a good

aww man sounds like a good work out.....too bad i missd out on that 1....i moved.....thats a good excuse....right? haha