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Endurance and Water Running Comboby gavin on Sun, 04/17/2011 - 13:32.

For some reason or another, I wasn't too inspired to write up a workout. Maybe it was all cooking and eating from yesterday... I thought I would sink!  Don't get me wrong, I had a  great time... cooking osso bucco for 9, but really enough for 12... my brother-in-law and I counts as 4.

Anyway, I've been feeling that change is a good thing.  Eduard mentioned how the water running with DragSox™ has really helped his kick as well as adding a new dimension to his workouts.  So we decided on a short combo set based on water running and backstroke kick.  Why backstroke kick?  Well, if you haven't tried it with DragSox™ yet, you should give it a go.  You'll quickly see that it is by far the most difficult kick to do with DragSox™... you'll feel a burn in your legs that you've never experienced before.  I find that it really works the muscles involved with the recovery part of flutter kick.  This is an area of the kick that is commonly overlooked.  Anyway, the workout was good and I'm feeling a lot better, especially after that nap!  :)


wu + drills


Endurance Drop-outs...

3x ( 4x 50 kick w/ fins

       4x 50 swim) R1 @ 1:00, R2 @ :50, R3 @ :40

       4x 25 kick w/ fins @ :35


Water Running Combo Set

3x ( 2x 25 water running with DragSox™ and 2 lb weight in hand

       150 pull with DragSox™

       2x 25 backstroke kick with DragSox™

       25 fast/ ez, no gear

       25 ez/ fast, no gear)



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I must say that we did a

I must say that we did a great job with the osso bucco... it was sure good! :)

Osso bucco? YUM ... I'm

Osso bucco? YUM ... I'm jealous!