• Spot the DragSox

    Check out this documentary with Missy Franklin training in Hawaii. There are some DragSox cameos—can you spot them? Here is the direct link to the video.

  • Introducing HeadLiner

    At AquaVolo our goal is to design training tools that work with the body to create awareness, improve technique, and build strength. Our newest product—HeadLiner—does this by encouraging the swimmer to retain a stable head position throughout the stroke and develop quick and low—almost invisible— breaths by improving the timing of inhale. Head stability and […]

  • DragSox Rental with Option to Buy

    Update: We are discontinuing the rental program. The Try Before You Buy has proven to be much more popular and offers the same options for evaluating the product. In our ongoing effort to make our products more accessible, we are announcing a new program: DragSox Rental with Option to Buy. This program was designed for […]

  • The Ultimate Leg Workout with DragSox

    Do you want to get the ultimate leg workout with DragSox? Come and train for a weekend under 2016 Women’s Olympic Head Coach David Marsh, along with SwimMAC Team Elite, and the rest of Team Elite’s exceptional coaching staff! For more information, visit SwimMAC Team Elite Fantasy Camp.

  • Want to Have Even More Fun with DragSox?

    The videos and images below are from various teams around the world. We hope they inspire you to have even more fun with DragSox. They’re not just for kicking after all. Video by Derek Toomey: Picture by Trojan Swim Elite: Video by Ross Rybakowicz: Picture by Jakub Maly: Picture by Trojan Swim Elite: Video by […]