• Power Set with DragSox

    Source: FLOWSWIMMING Great video from NC State. NC State Associate Head Coach Bobby Guntoro whipped up a nice little power set for Olympic gold medalist Ryan Held this morning. 1x 300 {Snorkel} — 100 at stroke count FAST FLIP — pause — Then POWER PUSH off past the flags, 50 Surf kick Power Turn Drill […]

  • Great DragSox Workout Video

    SwimSwam posted a great video of a Rice University workout. There are a lot of interesting things they do with DragSox: Source: Practice+Pancakes: Rice University

  • What Eddie Reese Thinks About DragSox

    Once you get to a certain point as an athlete, just kicking freestyle harder doesn’t get you to be a better kicker. You’ve got to find a way to make resistance. And the DragSox definitely do that.—Eddie Reese, University of Texas [1] Michael J. Scott. "DRAGSOX, PARACHUTES AND OTHER TOOLS" Swimming World Magazine March 2017 […]

  • DragSox Sets by Rob Bond From Glenbrook Aquatics

    The following sets are generously shared by Rob Bond From Glenbrook Aquatics. 25s Dolphin K DragSox Progression Distance: 750Duration: 25:00Rounds: 1 Set Description TYPE STK Pace 10 x 25 @ 01:00 Dolphin K w/DragSox K FR 02:00 10 x 25 @ 00:50 Dolphin K K FR 01:40 10 x 25 @ 00:40 Dolphin K w/FINS […]

  • Introducing AquaVolo CoreLink

    Introducing AquaVolo CoreLink

    A guiding principle in our product development is that a good training tool helps solve a particular problem and teaches the athlete how to use his/her body to solve that problem once the tool is removed. One way we achieve this is to design training tools that force the swimmer to engage the muscles directly […]