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What are VB Air?

We’ve taken our VoloBlade design and produced them in a high density foam, creating a very buoyant version of VoloBlades.


We discovered that this combination of design and material results in a wonderful teaching tool, helping swimmers learn the early vertical forearm catch, essential to freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly.

As a teaching tool, VB AIR are best used in drills while swimmers are concentrating on technique.

How do I use VB Air?

Please check our blog for more info, in particular, this post explains why we designed VB Air and how they work.

A Testimonial from one of our local coaches.

“Your new paddles worked a miracle, today. It was simply stunning to see how effective – and how immediate – was the change my swimmer made to her stroke as a result of using VB AIRs. No amount of instruction (and I gave her a ton of instruction) can ever replace the teaching effectiveness of hands on physical experience. For her, the key was to learn what it felt like to catch with immediacy and solidity. No more did she reach out her hands, as if in a lunge, then plunge them straight down and then straight back. With the paddles on she moved quickly forward into her catch. Contact with the water was instantaneous and secure. Before the paddles, her contact with the water was rather tenuous. Her stroke path changed, too. It was tighter and her hands were pitched slightly inward. It was very obvious that she had a fuller, stronger, faster stroke. Furthermore, she was very successful in maintaining the stroke changes with the paddles off.
Thank you so much. This is an absolutely fabulous invention.“