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What are VoloBlades Light Edition?

VoloBlades Light Edition are designed for athletes participating in SwimRun events. Similar to standard VoloBlades, the Light Edition are technique-enhancing, designed to improve stroke mechanics by focusing energy in the lower palm during the catch phase, and fully engaging the core and large muscle groups. The result is a more powerful and efficient stroke.How are VoloBlades Light Edition different?VoloBlades Light Edition have the same shape and benefits of classic VoloBlades, 45 with a few added features that make them ideal for SwimRun:

  • The Light Edition are incredibly light; each paddle weighs only 44 grams. This is important when you need to carry your equipment for distances that match or exceed a marathon.
  • Fingers are exposed providing better grip. Competitors face many different conditions coming out of the water, such as slippery rocks, so having full dexterity can be essential.
  • The paddle floats and the straps are brightly colored. They won’t sink and they are easy to see if dropped in the water, reducing the likelihood of being disqualified for losing equipment.
  • The paddles come printed with SwimRun transition marks so competitors can write in the distance of each transition—up to 80—and mentally prepare for what’s coming next.