Andy Johns – Northern Arizona University

DragSox Set

With all of this, we use combination of fins, no fins, paddles, no paddles, snorkels, etc.

16 x 25 x :50 – 4 rounds of 4, 2 rounds no fins, 2 rounds w fins

12.5 kick FAST, 12.5 swim ez12.5 swim ez, 12.5 kick FAST25 swim ez25 kick FAST

16 x 25 x :45 0r :50 – same as above, except switch what parts are fast and add paddles

4 rounds of 4 x 12.5, 2 x 25

The 12.5s are all fast, either kick or swimthen take off the DragSox, and sprint a 25then go an ez 25put DragSox back on for 12.5’s, etc.

Early season 50’s, 75’s and 100’s of kick for a total of 6-900

Northern Arizona University

Head coach: Andy Johns