DragSox are the Opposite of Fins

Some people, when they see DragSox first time, ask if DragSox are like fins. We always say that they are actually the opposite of fins. Both of them are excellent training tools and can be used together or separately. Both of them are not invasive and do not affect your body position in any negative way. Otherwise, they are completely opposite:

  • Fins give you speed. DragSox give you drag.

  • Fins give you assisted swimming. DragSox give you resisted swimming

  • You get instant gratification when you put fins ON and start swimming WITH them. You get instant gratification when you take DragSox OFF and start swimming WITHOUT them. In fact, you feel like you are swimming with fins after taking DragSox OFF!

And finally,

  • Fins help you experience what it feels like to swim very fast. DragSox help you build strong and powerful muscles necessary to swim very fast without fins.