DragSox vs Running Shoes

If you are still using running shoes as a power training tool in the pool, I highly recommend giving DragSox® a try. I guarantee that after you try them, you will never swim in running shoes again.

Swimmers have been using running shoes in the pool because there has been no alternative. If you wanted to make your legs stronger and more powerful, shoes were the only option. However, that all changed when we first introduced DragSox. Now swimmers have an option. It’s not only a better option it is also cheaper.

  DragSox Running Shoes
Target audience Swimmers Runners
Purpose Power training for swimmers Running for runners
Comfort level Very light can barely feel them when training Invasive, heavy when wet
Feel of water Excellent. You can feel the water as though your feet were bare. DragSox are soft and not invasive, more of an extension of your body than a device Poor. Can’t feel the water because the shoes are thick and hard, designed to protect your feet from the elements
Effect on Technique Positive. DragSox add resistance without affecting body position Negative. Running shoes add weight and pull your legs down
Drying Time Fast. DragSox are designed for swimmers and do not absorb much water Day in the Sun. I really don’t know how long it takes for wet sneakers to dry. They absorb water and drip
Cost $29.95 $50-$100 and more