Patrick Nalley – Penn State University

Here’s one we use with the DragSox on their hands. Sometimes we put a VERY small set of paddles on underneath just for a little more stability.

All with DragSox on hands and attached to a stretchcord with partner holding the cord.

Part 1- :10 vertical scull FASTPart 2- :10 head up breaststroke pullPart 3- fast breaststroke w a flutter kick into the wall

So here’s how it goes: go to the middle of the pool where the stretchcord is barely giving you tension

do Part 1:10 restdo Part 1 and 2:15 rest and get back to starting pointdo Part 1 and 2, then your partner drops the cord for Part 3

We did 4 sets and the rest between rounds was holding the stretchcord for your partner.

We do all sorts of breastroke pulling with the DragSox, any breastroke pulling is done with the DragSox actually.

Also we do Vertical kicking w DragSox on feet

3 x 4:00 vertical kick

Round 1 w fins and DS :08 kick :22 rest 8 timesRound 2 just DSRound 3 no equipment

Also, we do turns with the DragSox on and then take them off to get the kids feeling really quick on their turns.

Penn State University

Coach: Patrick Nalley