Ship to Your Hotel—a New AquaVolo Service

International shipping is usually very expensive. To help international teams save on shipping, we offer “Ship to Your Hotel” service for teams coming to the US for training camps or meets.

How it works:

  1. A coach of the team that’s coming to the US for a camp or a meet emails us (our email is [email protected]) the list of products he/she would like to order, the address of the hotel where the team is staying, and the dates of the stay.

  2. AquaVolo emails back an invoice for the order that will include the local US shipping.

  3. After the invoice is paid, AquaVolo ships the products to the hotel and ensures that the package arrives during the team’s stay.

More details:

We offer 10% discount on all team orders, reflected in the email invoice. The email will also include a URL where you can pay it with any credit card, specifying your local shipping address and international billing address.[1] Shipping costs within US are significantly less than international. We hope that by offering the Ship to Your Hotel service, your team will be able to purchase DragSox, Sensory Mitts, or any other of our products at a reasonable price with a reasonable shipping cost.

  1. Sometimes, the credit card processors complain if the international transaction doesn’t match the billing and the shipping addresses ↩︎