• Sensory Mitts: Try Before You Buy

    About a year ago we launched the Try Before You Buy program which allows any US-based swim club to try DragSox® before buying them. Six months later we expanded the program to include VoloBlades in the US and Try Before You Buy DragSox in Europe. Today, we are expanding the Try Before You Buy program […]

  • Introducing Sensory Mitts Jr.

    Today we are releasing a smaller sibling of AquaVolo Sensory Mitts: Sensory Mitts Jr. The smaller size was inspired by feedback from coaches. Sensory Mitts Jr. were designed for age group swimmers and college swimmers with smaller hands. To learn more about the idea behind Sensory Mitts, please read this article: Sensory Mitts – Feel […]

  • Rob Herb – Lehigh University

    4x 3×75 DragSox descend on 1:301×75 no DragSox A/O1x50 ez pick up DragSox on 1:30(all about creating a bit of leg fatigue and then full out sprint creating feeling of racing backend of 100) 4x 400 on 7/8 PUSH hard from the beginning of the 400- how long can you hold the effort on each […]

  • TKick Tip To Build Great Underwater Dolphin Kick

    We received this tip from one of the coaches who uses TKicks: Attach the TKick a little closer to the wall than normal and ask your swimmers to make a turn without touching the wall. Once the turn is made, they must then dolphin kick underwater beyond the TKick. This is difficult because the swimmer […]

  • Core and Connection

    (Image source: Complete Conditioning for Swimming. Dave Salo and Scott A. Riewald (2008)) I came across the article, The Art of Connected Swimming: Jonty Skinner and Kristian Gkolomeev, today and it has some interesting things to say about the core and how our brains are wired. Skinner talks about the need to develop the core. […]